Me Myself and I (janisfan) wrote in momandpops,
Me Myself and I

Attention all you Mamas out there going to SF Dyke March!

Announcing the Mama Contingent at San Francisco Dyke March

Saturday June 24th, 2006
4 pm
Meet at the grassy area directly in front of the playground

We want all mamas (AND THEIR CHILDREN OF ALL GENDERS)who love women and the women who love those mamas:

Gay mamas--Lesbian mamas--Bi Mamas--Queer Mamas--Trans mamas--FTM Mamas--MTF mamas--Intersex mamas--Genderqueer Mamas--Dyke Mamas--Young mamas--Old mamas--New mamas--Hip mamas--Stay at home mamas--Working mamas--Radical mamas--Partners of any of these mamas

Sign making party! Come meet other Queer mamas and make signs for the march. Bring your children and some child-friendly food to share.

Sunday June 4th
Dolores Park at the grassy area directly in front of the playground.

Please pass this along to whomever and wherever!

For more info: contact me here at
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