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The Momma's & The Poppa's

...and everything in-between...

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When creating this community, I had in mind for it to be only parents, guardians, etc. who were raising their children in their decorated lifestyle. I would like to stick to this theme, meaning; If you are/a trying to conceive, pregnant, mother/father-to-be, adopting, have adopted, single-parent, step-parent, gay parent, guardian, foster parent, etc. and you plan on/are raising your child with an 'decorated lifestyle'; you're most definitely encouraged to join.

What do you mean by 'decorated lifestyle'? I originally had in mind to create a community for people to come together who were interested in body modification in general. More specifically, tattoos and piercings. I decided that that particular spectrum wouldn't probably welcome too many people and thought it would be better if there were a community that catered to parents interested in all things body mod, music, 'alternative parenting', whatever. However, keep in mind that I did create this community,originally,for body modification purposes. While other topics are welcomed and encouraged, there is a theme, if you will.

What do you mean by 'body modification'? Body modification is how you interpret the phrase; and completely open for discussion. BME describes body modification as; The voluntary (in this context) modification of the human body. In general, 'body mods' can be anything from tattoos and piercings, scarification and cultural, cutting, cosmetic surgery and corsetry to 'extreme' and heavy/erotic modifications.

Please keep in mind that this community will contain personal experiences from many different types of people-from anywhere and everywhere. This community was designed for parents (in any form), in particular, to document, share, ask advice, understand who they are and what they're going through, to unify, never judge, encourage accurate portrayls of body modification positively.

A few things to keep in mind...
-Any and all rude, lewd, crewd, racist, disrespectful, distasteful, bigotry, hateful-you get the point remarks/comments/entries will be deleted and you will be banned from the community. I have zero tolerance for this sort of behavior. There are, however, exceptions.If you say, for example, post a photo of your newest tattoo and someone says it sucks. Well, maybe it does. That's that particular person's opinion, and I don't want e-mails regarding it. If you're posting a photo of yourself, you're obviously putting yourself out there and are sort of 'inviting' criticism. If you aren't up for a negative comment here or there-don't waste your time.

-If you are going to post photos...please make sure they are behind a Live Journal cut. If you do not know what a Live Journal cut is, well, then, don't post photos at all. You can find out what a Live Journal cut is by clicking on the FAQ and educating yourself. It's Live Journal etiquette, and demanded! Just for the simple fact that I don't want people to complain about it later and personally, I don't want my friends list to be blocked up by photos. You can host photos at any of the following website: www.seemesmile.com, www.photobucket.com, www.snapfish.com, www.picturetrail.com. Please don't take up space by asking where to host photos when it is clearly outlined here.

-IF, and this is a big one... you are posting any nudity, extreme/hard or erotic modifications, amputations, scarifications, etc. please make sure that there is a warning or sorts. Also, these posts absolutely, positively have to be behind a cut for a number of reasons. If they are not, the posts will be deleted. For the obvious reasons, we don't want anyone under the legal age to stumble across it out in the open for anyone to see. Not only that, but it's out of respect to the other members of the community. Not everyone wants to see your shiny new Prince Albert or stretched labia. Oh, and in case you forgot, this is a parenting community, so I would imagine that most people here have children. There children may be in view of the computer, and some parents may find it offensive or inappropriate for their child to see. We want to present body modification and the like in a tasteful, presentable way.

-There is a link above that shows you how to join the community. It's not very hard to understand.

If you are still unclear as to what this community is all about, I have taken a final attempt as to some ideas of what could be discussed:
-If you have a new body modification, show it off!
-If you have a question regarding body modification
-If you want to share your experiences of body modification
-If there is a show, festival, convention, etc. in your area...
-If you want to share an experience in parenting
-If you want advice on body modifications, parenting, etc.
-If you are pregnant or trying to conceive and want help, advice, suggestions...
-If you feel strongly about relgion, politics, etc. and want to have it open for discussion

As you can see, the topics are limitless.

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