deborah (monkey_momma) wrote in momandpops,

a kid rant

my kid has been the most horrible little monster the last few days. who knew a 4 year old could be so snotty??? not wanting to go to sleep. not wanting to eat dinner. telling us to "be quiet." refusing to listen. not obeying. tonight he locked himself in the upstairs bathroom and ignored me when i told him to open the door. i could hear him rummaging around the drawers and cabinets for a few minutes before he finally unlocked the door. when he came out, i spanked him (t.v. has already been taken away for the week and he already had a timeout), he cried for a few minutes, then he told me that he's a big boy and old enough to take care of himself. i love the kid more than anything, but he gets on my last nerve sometimes. at times, it feels like he has to be the most consistently stubborn 4 year old ever in existance.
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My 4-yr-old is a big Blues Clues fan (what 4-yr-old isn't?) You know that song in Blue's Big Musical Movie, about being anything you want to be, "like the captain of a ship..." blahblahblah? Well, there's a line that literally says "I can do anything that I want to do!" in a nice, empowering to 4-yr-olds way.

Everytime I tell her to do something she doesn't want to, she sings that to me: "'I can do anything that I wanna do' mom!"

That's her favorite. :) Consistently stubborn is par for the course around here... though I *do* have to admit that she probably gets it from me... ;0)
i've been having the hardest time explaining to him that, yes he is a big boy, but he's still not a big enough boy for many things.
Yeah, we spend so much time teaching them absolutes and opposites (all those books that focus on "long vs short," "hot vs cold," "big vs small") and now comes the unutterably difficult bit of trying to draw them AWAY from those absolute notions and start introducing the concept of comparatives - "Yes, honey, you are bigger than you were, but you're still smaller than you need to be!" Gaaaaah, it's frustrating, isn't it?! Esp. when at the same time, you're trying to teach the opposites to a younger sibling!
everything is just so black and white with him sometimes.
i find myself telling my 5 year old son that almost everyday.
i feel your pain

~Mistress Draven
mine went through that phase at that age. what i did was show him he's not the boss by "letting him be all grown up" as he put it. boy he didn't like it. i wouldn't have let him do anything bad. but, after an hour, he wanted to be the baby again.